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hi, my name is aleks! i've done nothing wrong in my life. other than the atrocities. besides that i'm innocent.

i draw, write and cosplay! my cosplay insta is cyro.exe.

im an extrovert who loves making new friends! drop onto my tweets anytime and i'll be happy to talk to you!


sporadic tweeting and periods of inactivity

generally untagged - i have memory problems, i cannot remember blacklists. i try to avoid posting content that needs to be tagged in the first place. dm me if you need something specific tagged!

selective followback - i won't fb if you're mainly an idol (2d or 3d) twitter.

please try not to use tone indicators (/s, /gen, etc.) with me. i don't care if you do it on your own tweets or when talking with others, but i would rather you not do it when talking to me.


fate/ series • vtubers • ffxiv • creepypasta/internet horror • jp history


enstars • pjsekai • kpop • mxtx • touhou • girls' frontline • azur lane • tkrb • mahoyaku • ace attorney • a3! • jfashion • utaite


bandori • deresute • love live! • bsd • hypmic

i am critical of all my interests.

i don't shut the fuck up about amakusa shirou from fgo. he is my number one favorite character like, ever. if you dont like him probably dont follow

FATE/Amakusa, Dantes, Semiramis, Jalter (+Lily), Merlin, Romani, Okita, Nobu, BB, Shuten, Hokusai
VTUBERSNijisanji (ChroNoiR, Sanbaka), Kaguya Luna
ENSTARSFive Oddballs, Chiaki, Kaoru, Ritsu
PJSEKAI25ji (Mizuki, Mafuyu), Shizuku
TOUHOUKaguya, Mokou, Patchouli, Reimu, Marisa, Koishi
GFLAR Squad (SOPMOD), 404 Squad, Five-SeveN, OTs-14
AZUR LANEAkagi, Kaga, Atago, U-47, Hiei
TKRBYagen, Fudou, Taishogumi, Kanesada, Tsurumaru
MHYKFigaro, Snow, White, Shylock, Owen
A3!Fuyugumi (Hisoka), Sakyo

i dont really care if you dislike my faves but id prefer not to see people bashing them excessively, thanks

MafumafuNanawo Akari • CY8ER • 4s4kit+pazolite • Moe Shop • Akatsuki Records • Rei Sirose • Yoh Kamiya • Miyashita Yuu • Reol • Kenshi Yonezu • Nayutalien • Omoi • Pinocchio-P • Ryushen

ATEEZ • Taemin • SuperM • Stray Kids • Dreamcatcher

Purity Ring • CHVRCHES • Machine Girl • 100 gecs • Nero's Day at Disneyland • LeaF

Glass Animals • The Wombats • Bleachers • Los Campesinos • Good Kid • LincolnWavvesFIDLAR • Waterparks

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mutuals can ask for disc! i'm not selective